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The first magazine entirely dedicated to the (re)discovery of textile hemp

This magazine was born out of a personal interest in natural fabrics and especially hemp fabric.
We are inundated with synthetic fabrics, which are present everywhere: in our homes, in our cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, but above all in direct contact with our skin. The hyper-presence of synthetic, ready-made and above all environmentally unfriendly fashion around us led me to change my clothing habits, start sewing clothes for myself, creating my own personal style and re-evaluate forgotten natural fabrics, such as hemp.

In this magazine, I take you on a (re)discovery of a natural, ancient and valuable fabric, which for decades has been the victim of prohibitionism, which has necessarily given way to the creation and mass distribution of synthetic fabrics from our planet's millennia-old deposits, namely oil. I will inform you about current events, products, the benefits of textile hemp, thematic museums and everything I discover by using the fabric of this wonderful plant on a daily basis.

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All posts are written by Gordana Stevancevic, unless otherwise indicated. All brands mentioned belong to their respective owners, interesting links to references and insights are indicated at the foot of each article. This blog in the form of a 'magazine' is updated without any periodicity and the frequency of articles is not predetermined. For this reason, it is not a journalistic publication and cannot be considered an editorial product within the meaning of Law No. 62 of 07/03/2001.  
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